How a hot coffee spoiled my day and got me a job

party dresses and coffeeAs strange as it may seem, but spilled hot coffee spoiled my day and also made it great in the end.

This was how the day started…

I was on a coffee shop happily sipping my cup of coffee and thinking about my new dress which I’d bought for upcoming work Christmas party. Christmas party at work is a great chance to see all your colleagues in short party dresses. I am a plus size women but the dress I’ve bought was quite short and teenage in look. So was in deep thinking if I had actually made the right decision, how I am going to look in that dress? etc. It was a bright sunny morning and I was enjoying both my coffee and the morning. When my cup was empty, I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost time to go. The office where I was supposed to go was in the building right across the coffee shop and it will probably just take me a few minutes to get there.

Unhurriedly, I fixed myself and started to get up. Then, lo and behold! I felt hot liquid splashing on my blouse down to my skirt. Someone spilled coffee on me! I looked around for the culprit and saw that it was a middle-aged man wearing a suit. I was ready to nag him for being too clumsy, but he was faster with his apologies.

He placed his cup down on my table and tried to wipe me dry with tissue; as if the coffee spilling was not awkward enough already. I tried to tell him to stop, but he was babbling with apologies and wiping me up and down that I began to feel heat rushing through my face. Awkward, embarrassing and definitely frustrating. Three words that would best describe that scenario in mind at that very moment. Wasn’t it enough that people started looking at me when I squealed after the liquid hit me? I also begun feeling that they were not just looking, but I could also hear some were giggling and talking about what the man was doing to me.

Whenever I look back into that moment, I cannot help but smile; if I was just a spectator, I would also probably giggle and say something. But since I was the victim and the one who was getting embarrassed, I considered the stares and the giggles to be rude.

Finally, the man stopped wiping me up and down. I think perhaps, he finally heard me. I looked him in the eye and told him to be careful next time. He couldn’t look back at me for too long. He simply said yes and apologized again. I started to move and leave, but he handed me something; a card. I did not even look at it and just grabbed it and asked what was that for. He said to call him so that he could buy a replacement for my blouse and skirt. I could hear some people uttering surprise, while some seem pleased with the man’s gesture.

I must admit, I was a little touched. But, my day was ruined and I was not being very forgiving. Thus, I just looked back at him and said that I can take care of that. Yes, my pride and stubborn nature kicked in and I was not about to let the man get away guilt-free. I would not call him, and I know that my rejection of his offer would surely make him feel guiltier. I could not care less about him though. Not at that moment, I was late for my interview!

So hurriedly, I made my exit; as graceful as I could make it. What a way to begin my day. When I woke up that morning I was so positive. I was looking forward to this interview as I know if I passed it, I would be working for one of the top companies in the city. Once I was outside, I looked down at myself. I was wearing a white cotton blouse and the coffee stains were very visible. It was a good thing that I took off my blazer while in the coffee shop. I wore it then and hoped against hope that the stains were no longer visible.

With as much confidence that I could muster, I walked the few steps to the building where I should have already been a couple of minutes ago. I was praying to God that the person who was going to interview me was a kind and forgiving person. I would really hate it to lose this great opportunity just because someone was clumsy enough to spill coffee on me.

As I reached the office reception, I felt a little better when the woman behind the desk smiled at me. She asked me of my name and my purpose of visit. I gave her the information she needed and she asked me to sit at the reception couch and to wait to be called.

I was sitting there for about 10 minutes when the woman addressed me. She said that the interview will be conducted soon, the boss was just a bit late that morning. If I was not late myself, I would feel very annoyed. How dare these lazy corporate bosses think that everyone would wait for them? Five more minutes and I was called and the woman accompanied me to the boss’ office. As we entered, I could feel my jaw drop, big time!

I knew the woman said something. She could have announced my name. But for whatever it’s worth, I really couldn’t remember what was said between her and the man behind the big corporate desk. Slowly, I composed myself and looked at the middle-aged man who was about to interview me. Yes, he was the same man who spilled coffee on me just a few minutes ago.

Awkward? Definitely! And to the highest level. I moved forward at last and accepted his extended right hand. He introduced himself. If only I looked at the card he gave me, I would have known who he was back there at the coffee shop!

He told me to sit down and he started the interview. He was smiling the whole time and that helped me relax a bit. After concluding the interview, he told me that I was hired. I couldn’t believe it and my disbelief must have been written all over my face as he started to smile wider and said that his decision has nothing to do with the earlier incident. He assured me that I deserved the job.

As I was walking back to the reception area, I could feel my heart bursting with joy. Who would have thought that a bad day would turn out great after all?